Open Source Building Kit

WikiHouse is a global project that enables everyone to be directly involved in designing, making and building for themselves.


The international WikiHouse and Fab Labs networks are part of a digital revolution which are transforming the way we produce physical goods and the way our economy works. It represents a move away from large centralised factories to a model of personal computers and small local community-owned production facilities. The open licensing of our creative work (software, designs and hardware) means that people around the world can freely copy, share, edit, adapt, and build upon our work in order to accelerate development of solutions for the benefit of all. Space Craft Systems are New Zealand’s active contributors to the WikiHouse movement.

The three main principles of the WikiHouse project are:

  • Adaptable design
    Empowering ordinary people to create a protective environment. Adaptable buildings are designed to last for generations but at the same time be rapidly and easily modified, repaired or relocated.

  • Empowering community
    Strengthening our communities by creating better tools for people to help themselves, and each other, to solve problems without needing to wait for outside agencies.

  • Protective environments
    Protecting people and their interests, alongside the surrounding life-supporting environments by using a built environment.