New Brighton Eco-Village:
Modelled by Observing Nature

The New Brighton Sustainable Coastal Village Project is a grassroots organisation working to establish a co-housing neighbourhood in New Brighton.


The effects of the Christchurch earthquakes and possible future weather events mean that New Brighton requires Design Thinking for resilience. The resilience of this new community will depend greatly on homes that are affordable, efficient, easy to construct, and that can be easily modified or relocated.

New Brighton Eco-Village puts people at the heart of the project. By using the 12 Principles of Permaculture as fundamental design principles, resilience is a natural outcome. Permaculture is an integrated design system that was modelled by observing nature. It aims to create similar systems for living that are both ecologically sound and economically viable.

Cooperation is an important ideal for this eco-village. Connecting and sharing resources through various means is an intelligent, more sustainable, and very satisfying way to live.

There are almost endless opportunities to innovate on the quest towards sustainability including:

  • Local food production

  • Harvesting rainwater and utilising grey water for irrigation

  • Power self-sufficiency via photovoltaics, micro wind generation and solar water heating.