Fab Labs:
Community Innovation Hubs

Fab Labs (Fabrication Laboratories) are designed to empower people to become makers of things, rather than just consumers.

By using a range of digital fabrication tools, such as 3D printers, milling machines, and laser cutters entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, and artists can rapidly prototype new concepts. By utilising open source electronics, these products can also be smart, i.e. interactive through sensors and actuators, as well as connected via WiFi and protocols like Bluetooth and LoRa.

Fab Labs offer an environment for citizens to make and test new ideas. It’s essentially a "creative commons" similar to a library, but for making things. All knowledge created within a Fab Lab is shared with everyone. Currently there are over 700 Fab Labs around the world all sharing knowledge and inventive ideas. The combination of access to tools, knowledge, and a network of resources opens up the potential for new collaborations and solutions which are locally focused but globally connected.